Brother AR
A 3D Mobile Augmented Reality Experience on iOS & Android

Brother AR

Brother is a leader in the development and manufacturing of technologies in the printing, communication and digital imaging industries. Recognizing the value of AR as an effective tool to engage the customer, we were tasked to develop a mobile app which could be used both as a sales tool for the retailers as well as a tool for their customers to better understand the features of Brother MFCs.

Based on the junaio Plugin, an iOS and Android app was developed and implemented to show their latest range of Multi Function Centres in 3D Augmented Reality. An interactive hotspot approach with a mascot as a guide was used to highlight the main features of the printers for the users to learn the features at their own pace. Good graphics with animation was used to create a lasting impression of the message imparted.

The interactive and unique way of using AR on smartphones creates an opportunity for Brother to communicate their technology leadership and to present their MFCs to the masses.

"In our line of business, it is not just important to be innovative with our product offerings but to be creative with the means we market them to consumers," emphasised Takeo Shimazu, Managing Director of Brother International Singapore Pte Ltd. "Customers today are much more technologically savvy and are more receptive to information that is readily available, even while they are on the go. With this app, customers can not only get a three-dimensional and 360 degree view of the product but watch it perform various functions such as print and scan with just a few taps, bringing customer experience to a whole new level."

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